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Become a Marketing Badass in 10 Days

Starting your own brand can be daunting, especially if you are going on it solo. You need to know everything and do everything yourself, but that is challenging when you want to focus on what you are good at, why you started this venture.

With marketing being one of the best efforts to use to promote your brand I wanted to help fellow solopreneurs in their journey to success. I created a free email course that will give you all the tidbits you need to assist you in the ever changing world of marketing. In 10 days I hope to make you a marketing badass!

I will be walking you through a fun, dedicated email course to help you and your business become a marketing badass in only 10 days! You will get 10 emails for this class to help you through the essentials of your marketing plan to drive your business, side hustle, blog or whatever you have to a desired success.


Want personalized training & help with setting your marketing efforts? Join the membership here, it’s like having a bestie through it all!

Sign up for the email course here or click here to download the full course plus an interactive workbook.

Go hustle!

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