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Why Your Brand Needs a Style Guide & How To Create One

Creating your brand is one of the first steps to helping you correctly communicate to your audience. I wanted to break down all the elements of a style guide so you can have the tools to create one for your brand. I will also give you a free template download so you can create your very own.

Your Brand Needs a Style Guide | Tidbits Lab

Without a consistent brand from colors, design, and voice, your audience could get lost, confused, or even stop trusting you. That is why developing a brand style guide is an important process to start when launching your business or brand. A style guide can providing consistency across your brand and help communicate your overall vision. As a past web designer, I loved when brands would send me their style guide, it instantly gave me their visual goals in one glance as well as provided a go-to guide if I ever had questions. Not only is it a helpful resource for a web designer, but anyone you contract to assist with creating your brand, your photographer, graphic designer, marketer, etc. It acts as a visual resource guide to any and all involved.

Tidbits Lab Branding Board | Freebie

The elements are simple, but very important! To start with your style guide, is your branding board, I like this as one page that includes your logo, color palette, fonts, icons, and inspiration. Once you establish that, you can go further into a style guide that elaborates on your voice, messaging, audience, and personality.

So… let’s get started!


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